Sunday, October 19, 2008

Love to Finale

My heart goes out to my dog this evening. She came down with pneumonia. It was diagnosed two weeks ago and the vet said initially she sure looked and acted healthy for a dog so sick. (He had listened to her heart.). But, tonight she is finding it difficult to breathe. She has been on four differnent antibiotics. I'd taken her in every day last week to get shots, but she has still not responded. She is little more than a walking skeleton today. But, it is so hard to know when to let go, as she is only 3 years old. But, tonight, I am willing to let her go, because I don't want to see her struggle to breathe.

I have loved all my dogs, as they have been my best friends. Dogs love you no matter what. They are loyal and faithful friends. Finale was an exceptional example and it was hard to leave her behind last year while we were in D.C. She followed me everywhere and loved showing and getting affection, which I certainly obliged. She was a happy dog. She used to jump with all four in the air, as she didn't know how big she was (she was a mix of Chow/Golden Retriever). And even though I had wanted a white dog, Finale has won my heart with her temparment. She is gentle and sweet like the Retriever and fiercely loyal and determined, like the Chow. Wim had named her Finale, as he thought it would be our last dog. But, now we aren't so sure.

Finale was loved by our whole family, but the individuals in our family had different ways of expressing it. Our son, Nate, had agreed initially to keep her here at the house while we were away last year, but it became problematic, as he was in school and working all day. Finale was used to having attention, so when I came home to visit last October she would hardly come to me on her own, as she had grown unaccustomed to human contact. It broke my heart.

Our other son, Daniel decided to keep her at the house where he lives. The family there have two outdoor dogs and two indoor dogs. She likes both the inside and outside. As the family lives in the country, she enjoyed her freedom and roamed their acrage. Both the boys had had interaction with her over our absence.

Our daughter, Rebekah, and her two dogs came with her family most every week-end before our leaving for D.C. and her two dogs grew fond of Finale. Our granchildren would love to pull her ears, pet her head and she would just let them be children with little response. Hannah would come in and the first thing she would often say was "Tallie, where are you Tallie"....

Today, Daniel and his girlfriend came for lunch and he was heartbroken upon seeing her and how she'd lost so much weight in a week. He had checked up on her through the week and asked me to call him if something changed with Finale.

Our son, Nate, came late in the day and looked at Finale and said, "Mom, she's dying, I hope you're not putting any more money into her. She needs to be put to sleep" ( His major is, you guessed it, business!)...(I told him that I knew who not to depend on when I got older :) )...

Rebekah is too busy with her children to be too concerned (and they are more important).

Our children have had unique responses to Finale's sudden demise. She is our dog and she was loved very much.

We will all miss her!

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Ken Schenck said...

So sorry to hear about your dog. We lost one of ours this summer too.