Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What America Might Consider as a Solution

America is great because we believe that NO ONE is "above the law". The law is the leveler of position, power and prestige. But, in practice, this is not reality.

While I don't believe that the government should control the market, because the market benefits society through competition and rewards, I do believe that money does undermine "equality under law", as to one's ability to afford good lawyers to defend the average guy's interests! Corporate money and the wealthy have not only connections that corrupt our "ideal system", they also have money to get the best and brightest to defend them against criminal, or unethical activity! Should Americans look the other way when justice isn't done, and just "sigh" and say to ourselves, that that is the way things are, and no one can change it?

Those in political office should not be serviced by undue exposure to power indefinately. These positions should have term limits. Otherwise, the empowered have the position and connections to undermine "equality under law". Power can be corrupting and give one a "god-like" feeling against "all odds" at beating the system. A "god-like" sense of being "above it all", is the beginning of a downfall, whether it is in one's personal or public life. Destruction is on the heels of such invinciblity! Invincibility is the feeling of teens when they do foolish things, because they think they will never get caught! Though this might not be the overt intent or goal of a particular individual, one must always be on guard to what can happen, if one is not careful and serving for the public's interest and not one's own.

Government was never intended to be the "patron saint" of mankind, but a overseer of proper behavior regarding others and their boundaries! We must never forget that the individual and his liberties are guruanteed only as long as the government (those that serve in these positions) are seeking to promote the interests of the nation. National security should be of concern and importance to those serving the American poeple!

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