Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tally's Folly, Fears Addressed

Tonight, we went to see "Tally's Folly"'. Interesting story line about a couple that had had a romance the previous summer and the girl, Sally, gets "cold feet".

The boy, Matt, has decided to face his fears and risk rejection, while Sally can't help but feel compelled to reject him first.

Matt confronts Sally about her fears and confesses his own, telling of his experience of rejection as a Lithuanian Jew. He suggests that the answer lies in breaking apart their "shells", so that communication and intimacy might occur.

In the end, Sally admits that she, too, had been rejected. Rejection had caused her fears. But, fear came from social/ psychological circumstances. She had been engaged and then rejected by her fiance' and his family. She had gotten sick and could no longer have children. Her own family had become disenchanted with her, due to their loss of status and her prolonged singleness.

Two lovers at odds because one suffered from political scars, while the other suffered psychological scars. Both came to their senses in the end and I'm sure lived "happily ever after".

The End!

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