Monday, February 14, 2011

How Can We Support the Deficit?

What is Moral or Responsible about continuing to enlarge our national debt? Do we really believe that responsible choices define moral value and virtue? Then, none of us should support  increases to our national debt!. This is the "ideal" of free societies, otherwise we become enslaved to our debt, which will determine overtly or covertly our policies.

If government continues to undercut private business, while cozying up to large corporations, then, I believe unemployment will continue to increase. And when unemployment increases,  on a large scale, then the practical needs at hand make for "collective demands for justice"! And collective demands for justice means government intervention with social programs that increase individual dependence on government as "provider". Or, such demands for justice means revolution, because human choice has been limited by government's partiality to corporate interests .Isn't this the means of totaltalirinism? The end of revolution is "social order", which won't be promoting human value or choice, unless government gets back to supporting the rule of law. Government will then, be a co-cercive means of controlling human choice and value.

Large corporations base their "need" on utility, which isn't based on the ethical or moral demands of responsible behavior, but what is most expedient to the needs at hand. Profit is the end. While profit is not immoral, it is only a necessary end to "good business". But, when profits outweigh any other considerations, human life becomes a means to the end of justifying enslavement of the employee.

Both profit of corporations, and employee agreement must be based on the interests of both parties, not an undermining of human choice and value.

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