Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"That's What Friends Are For"....

There was a song long ago that I used to like, "That's What Friends Are For". I couldn't help but think of that song tonight as I was thankful for the friends I have.
They have blessed my life today, and everyday they have been a part of my life, these past 55 years. This is to commemorate these friends, as well as to honor friendship in general.

Friends don't have to ask questions, they know you, therefore, they just "know".

Friends don't demand, demean, or dishonor because they really care about you.

Friends like to spend time together, as friends enjoy each other's company. There is acceptance.

Friends seek to encourage, when their friends are down and out. They seek to find ways to "say" "I love and care about you".

Friends are there when you need them. And there are many times that you need them.

Friends always have space, and time for you because you are important.

I think being a friend is an important job. I hope that my friends always find this true of me, as I seek to grow in these areas.

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