Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Liberty, Not License

I have heard many talk about liberty, as if it meant license.

What is license? License is what breaks the law. And, liberty is freedom to do as one chooses or wants, but not a license to do what one shouldn't. What one shouldn't do is defined by the law of our country, and by social communities.

Social communities are volutary organizations. One must understand and commit to these with discretion, knowing what these value and why and if these communities represent what you value most.

People change their values and commitments, and this is when it is necessary to change social communities, if they conflict with the values one holds.

I have found that I have changed a lot in the last number of years. Many things change people, as life has a way to change perspective. And education also informs what one values, or how one sees things.

Not everyone that I consider a friend will change along with me, as it concerns certain social communities, and this is why there must be negotiation as it concerns these changes.

So, the ones that are concerned with liberty need to learn where they are able to limit their boundaries, and if it is prohibitive, for whatever reason, then, move on.

And the ones concerned with license, need to be more "humane" in their boundary matienance.

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