Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friends Are Also For....

Friends have many 'jobs". But, these jobs are not "jobs" in the proper sense of the term, because friends are "joys".

Friends are important for celebration. A celebration is not the same without friends. These celebrations are important events in one's life, whether they be graducation from kindergarten, or graduation of one's child from high school. Friends love to experience life with you.

Friends are there during times of grief, when there is nother than anyone can say to comfort you. Friends know that words are absent meaning is such times, but they also know that their very presence speaks volumnes about love, care and concern.

Friends know how to tell you the truth. They inform you "objectively" without objectifying your 'person'. One can recieve from a friend these "gems of truth" because trust is the very essense of the relationship. Trust is the food of the relationship, whereas, respect is its food. A friend's concern is never disrespectful, because they want the best, when they see the worst.

Friends have memories that are shared just between the two and memories that are shared with larger groups. These memories bind one with the other with an identification that connects "hearts and lives". And friends call this "love".

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