Monday, October 5, 2009

Military Pride

Last week, my husband went to a high school fair to represent Westpoint. He is the liason officier for this county.

I went with him and did some grocery shopping. After, he finished, we went to a local resturant to eat dinner. While we were sitting there, our waitress came up along with the manager and a couple of other waiters. They wanted to thank my husband for his years of service in the military and give us a discount on our meal. I was overwhelmed. It actually felt like a "healing". My husband was being appreciated, which was well-deserved. I was taken aback, but should I have been?

Westpoint has an honor code; "We don't lie, cheat or steal and we don't tolerate those who do". That is a code of ethics that stands above the average mean of our society. "Honor, duty, and country" is another standard of military behavior. Military men and women have integrity. They aren't allowed to fratenize and don't bend the rules when it is convienient, because they understand what that might cause to others, as well as the military cause of seeking liberty and justice for all.

I love the miliary for these values and wish they were values that our society held at large.

Our son leaves in a month to join "the cause" and to follow in his father's footsteps. He wants to become a general, so his Dad will have to salute him :)!

I am proud to be a part of the military through my husband's years of commitment and our son's enlistment. There is something healing about hearing someone get the accolades they so deserve.

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