Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Healthcare, At Personal Cost

My friend and her husband just retired from a large corporation with a great retirement and all the benefits, a couple of years ago. She and her husband moved South to build their dream house and "do their thing".

Today she told me they had been paying $400. per month for their healthcare plan. This past week her husband opened his retirement check and saw what he thought was a mistake. After talking with several adminstrators, he realized that their healthcare had gone up 100% to $800. per month. They cannot afford this.

My friend told me that just recently the previous insurance provider had been replace by another, who was projected to be "in bed" with Obama.

Is ther a potential government take-over of insurance companies with great promises of government "kick-backs" for those who "come on board"? I just wonder, if this is possible.

I only know that my friend and her husband will have a hard time finding another plan, as she has health problems and her husband corporation has said that if they leave their plan, he defaults on his life insurance plan.

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