Saturday, October 3, 2009


Evolutionists are in a quandary over whether altruism is innate or formed. Since evolution understands the world in a "survival of the fittest" 'worldview', evolutionists wonder how humans become "more than animals".

Some evolutionists go with Aristotle's virtue or Kant's categorical imperative to formulate their understanding of enviroments that produce 'productive and propering" humanity. Others believe that scientific investigation must understand human innatedness, so that natural/biological scientists can inform social and psychological scientists on human development, while others believe that religion can be useful to "form society" in "a perfect" and "ordered" Marxist way. ("Relgion is the opiate of the people")

Nature and nurture has always baffled social and natural scientists seeking to understand the human. What baffles me, is their arrogance in the face of an individual, when they speak out so loudly against "imperialism". That smells of paternalistic attitudes that they themselves are strongly against when it comes to paternalistic views in certain communities or countries.

Postmodernity does have its drawbacks.

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