Monday, November 3, 2008

Huckabee's Tolerance of Atheists

I watched Huckabee last night interview Richard Dreyfuss. He was very cordial and respectful. He spoke about civil discourse. He practiced respecting those with whom he disagrees. I appreciate this as the differences in ideology could not be more stark in this election.

There is much that pokes fun at faith these days. And I really agree with many of the convictions of those who are atheists. Religion is dangerous, as we really do not know about God. We can only assume based on our culture's understanding. There is no supernatural revelation, nor is there any sacred/secular distinction. There are only variances of commitment based on what seems to bring about the most good. And the practical philosophy plays out in politics. This is where the game is played and won. One's commitment to a religious tradition is really irrelavant to how one thinks about what is best in a particular situation. One may justify one's posiiton based on a particular text or understanding of God, but reason is really the basis of a certain commitment.

So, convince me based not on God, but on why a certain position is best and why.

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