Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Education My Daughter Gave Me On YouTube!

This afternoon my oldest son, his girlfriend, and my daughter sat around our table discussing the political decisions that are facing us on Tuesday. The coversation came around to Obama and what he stood for. My daughter had happened upon two YouTube videos of Obama at campaign rallies and was relaying the information to us at the table. I could not believe my ears, so I asked her to inform me through my eyes!

She immediately got our computor and pulled up a YouTube video of Obama making fun of a heckler and cutting his question of by saying "Blah, Blah Blah...""You can vote for someone else", etc. This was on the heels of my learning last week about Obama dismissing some of the media travelling with his campaign, as they were pro-McCain!!! And this is America?

Obama wants a civilian military police. And he is portraying what our America may become under his "dictatorship"(especially, if the Democrats hold the reigns of power in Congress). He has investigated Joe the Plumber, one newswoman's husband, and some others. No doubt there are those that we don't (and won't) know about. This is quite disturbing that the Democrats who were outraged over Guantanomo Bay situation, are looking the other way when it comes to the abuse of power on the campaign trail. Are they so afraid of Obama's power that they fear speaking out? Do none of them care enough about our freedoms? Do none have the courage to go against their party when principle is of primary importance?

John McCain took the high road when he could have gotten out of prison, by denying some of his basic commitments to his country. But, he did not. Which candidate do we really think has the country's best interest at heart? Obama certainly wants change, but it is systemic change of our cultural values of freedom. We must not be so blind and focused on temporary promises that we forget the future of American ideals!


Ben Robinson said...

If the video you are referring to is the one I think it is, then I am really baffled as to why you think it is legitimate. The alleged voice of the protesters and Obama are clearly a different recording than the rest of the crowd, whose chants you can hear distinctly. There is no reason why the alleged Obama voice and the voice of the protesters would be equal in volume, as there is no microphone by the protesters (initially; once the microphone is held by one of the protesters you can hear a clear difference from the earlier "protest"). Furthermore, the only time Obama speaks is when his back is turned to the screen, and it is also relatively clear that his gestures and body motion do not match up with what is allegedly said. And then, of course, the voice has only a vague resemblance to Obama's voice, and if you place clips of Obama next to it the difference is crystal clear.

In short, I am wondering if this was intended as satire, as the video is clearly fabricated. And, as far as I'm concerned, not fabricated very well. I could make a much better version on my own mac. :) Which, as fun as it might be, would be a colossal waste of time.

(You can actually find a version of the video on youtube that is titled, "this isn't real, but it's funny as h*ll").

And as the final nail in the coffin goes, you can see the real version here.

Angie Van De Merwe said...

Ben, Thank you for pointing out the discrepencies. I recgnize that we are all biased and it can inhibit a fair judgment when it comes to our own "convictions". This is why I asked to see the video, but I was not as astute in critical analysis as you were.

Thank you for reading the post and responding.