Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Critique of Spirituality

I have yet to meet or know a "spiritual person" that I want to emulate. But, there are many who do not claim to a superior spirituality that I would like to emulate.

"Spiritual people" always have to keep their appearances up. Who knows who might think they were "unspiritual"? Spiritual people have to perform things they don't like or care (really) about doing, because, well, they are "supposed" to be spiritual. Spiritual people like for you to know Scripture and verse to support their understanding of spirituality. Spiritual people are more than human; they are "like God". Spiritual people like to be followed, as they are exempliers of the faith sent down from the saints. Spiritual people like to make distinctions, so they can preen over their spirituality. Spiritual people always have an agenda for you and your life, for they think that they are to take Paul's admonition to Timothy as theirs, be "imitators of me". Spiritual people don't like to show their faults, questions, doubts, struggles, or failures, as that would be admitting their human-ness, which is unspiritual. Spiritual people are focused on their spirituality, first and foremost and the more radical their spiritualty, the more committed they gauge themselves. Spritual people like to set "standards" for others to follow which are curious to other humans. But, spiritual people believe that these 'boundary marker' make them "set apart", so that others know that they are believers.

I find that whenever someone has character, (which is a "common virtue" in man, although certain attributes must be developed), humans are naturally attracted. Take my husband, for instance. He can be critical, this is true, as he is a perfectionist. But, he tempers his perfection, with gentleness and meekness. My husband is kind and forbearing and tender. I love to see him play with our grandkids. It reminds me of when our kids were young. His eyes twinkle with delight, as he tickles them or plays "ride a little horsey". He is direct, but he can be direct with humor and grace. He can compromise, though he is firm when he thinks that I am trying to "play him for a fool". He loves me, and this I know, for his life tells me so!

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