Friday, March 18, 2011

Ooo La La and the French

This morning while checking stats, I noticed two views from France. I told my husband that just seeing the word France gives me a good feeling. Why? The memories.

We've been to France more than just several times. My husband lived there while he was finishing a degree. And we've experienced France "among the French" in the "back fields" of the Loire Valley, when we camped with our family alongside Wim's sister and her family. We have taken the kids  as well to the busy city of Paris. So, France holds many memories for us/me.

Because of these warm memories and the beauty of the country and language, I love France. The French language is beautiful to listen to, even when a mother scolds her child! The beauty of the fields of yellow sunflowers, the narrow streets through little towns with cobbestone and the castles that we explored in the middle of "nowhere" all add to the "romance" of France. (Once we found a castle in the middle of a field that was being sold for $1, if it would be restored to its original spendor. In it was a desk that Layfeyette wrote the King of France to support the American Revolution, a piano that belonged to Chopin and a basement full of artifacts, like letters from Marie Antionette to Napoleon!)  And even though we've not been treated with the greatest hospitality in France, we still love it. (Once we ordered "Onion soup" in a resturant, after waiting an unusually long time, we asked the waiter to have him wave his hand in the air and "dismiss us"!)

Everyone has heard of French cuisine and the French love to savor their meals. It takes hours for their meals to end, quite different from our American culture!

It is no wonder that painters used impressionism to express the French countryside! Life is good, but "Ooo La La", the French" life" is fine!

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