Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Movie, "The Unknown"

I love action, mystery, and suspenseful movies. Such is the movie, "The Unknown". I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The questions about identity, reality and intentional deception was the topic that created the story line. Though I would never want to be in a real world scenario as the one painted, I did think that the director's did a great job in making the movie "real".

Let's just say that when one is faced with conflicting stories about one's identity and memories, it creates a disturbance of personality. I wondered how much one could take in a "re; creation" of one's identity. Would this be considered tolerable to the scienttific community, and for what reasons, would such re-framing be done? When would such an endeavor be considered abusive, totaltalitarian, and unethical? On what basis would one argue against such an under-taking?

Identity is created by the intereaction with the "real world" and the personal one. When these realities collide, there is a dissassociation of identity, or a questioning of "who I am" that has to be reformed, and re-framed. 

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