Friday, January 28, 2011

Prejuidice, Law and Group Behavior

I just heard news that Scotland Yard investigated a group for "prejuidice".. A "humanist" group called Muslims, "Homophobic", and they got charged with being "Islamaphobic". What is Scotland Yard going to do with the "Homophobics"?

All groups have identifiers and must be prejuidiced if these identifiers hold any value whatsoever. Groups define themselves on some basis. This is to be accepted and understood. It is only when we "idealize" group behavior and expect that diverse groups can co-exist apart from any prejuidice, disagreement, or sometimes, even violence. It is too simplistic to think that groups that hold to their values, and understadings of themselves as important, will not be resistant to change. Change would dissolve the importance of the group itself.

My belief, is that co-existance in peace is an ideal, but is not a pragmatic solution to the world's problems. The world is just too complex and there are just too many differences.

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