Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Man's Reason Is the Reason for Good Government

Good government is based on its limitations upon itself and others, so that the individual can have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The individual's reason alone is to be responsible for the values that are to be held most dear. And these values are formed within the contexts of the individual's life, not the tribe, or State. Both the State and the tribe err as to authority. The tribe errs on the mystical, religious, while the State errs on another's reasoned "program", "Production" or Purpose". The individual himself is the ultimate end, not the State, the community, the tribe, or society. The individual's life is his own.

Without good government that allows freedom of thought and freedom of action, then there is no development of reason. Reason is stymied, suppressed, or subverted. Students must not be spoon fed, but be given a good dose of academic freedom to pursue interests that might prove to be a "life calling". Otherwise, students are "formed" or "shaped" into whatever the propaganda delegates as the necessary "need" for/of the moment. The intellectual elites are those that have such agendas. And those so duped to follow mindlessly into the trap of alturism, are being sacrificial "lambs" on the altar of a liberal agenda.

Good government is like good leadership; less is better.


Anonymous said...

The republican/libertarian mantra of "less government is better" is a very bad view. So, less garbage collectors are better? cool, so garbage can pile up, and diseased rats can carry the plague to little children who die with pustulus boils. EXCELLENT, a republican/libertarian dream.

Less is better? cool so when 5 house are on fire, and there is only one fire truck, and the little babies flesh burns off it's bones, another republican/libertarian ream.

Republicans/libertarians tend to be the kind of people that get appeals to by talking points and slogans. This is not very good regarding their intelligence, but the REAL problem is that the taking points and tag lines that republican/libertarians being feed, are just plain stupid and idiotic.


Angie Van De Merwe said...

'Less government' means, not less competition, as to how many garbage companies may vie for a certain segment of the "market", but just the opposite. If people know that there is money to be made by competing for a viable market, then they will be more likely to start up a garbage business.

When people are not competing for the various jobs that are needed to provide society's "needs", then government steps in and maintains a monopoly. Monopolies benefit those that have the power to control where and how the resources are distributed. And don't think that they will be alturistic in thier distribution, if the beauracracy is large enought "to hide in".

Monopolies in government or business do not benefit the "market", because they limit accountability to a competitive market (or the consumer).

Local needs to maintain "order", such as fire and police are met by the local people in taxes, and the politicians that vie for the vote at the local level. And "local" means accountability, because the community knows it "own".