Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Military and American Unity

Today, on NPR, a Princeton professor said that ROTC was to be welcomed on the Ivy League campuses. The reason given was that our culture had suffered because the elite schools are sending their graduates in to  every avenue of service; business, law, government, international relations, and, yet, they are not impacting the military, nor is the military impacting them. I applaud this attempt to unify our diversity. Because it is when we all have a unified vision that doesn't negate our Constitutional Republic that we all "win".

Intellectual development does have its bias, because of coming to terms with the philosophical complexity of "the world". One seeks to commit to a certain area of knowledge and "give back" to society in that given area. But, the unfortunate implication of the military being banned from the Ivy League schools, is that those students that are our brightest are not prone to use their gifts in service to their country. And the ideological commitments that do not value our Constitutional Republic  has brought about the culture wars of today.

I applaud and I am very happy to hear that there is openness to serving our country during her greatest need of great minds.

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