Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Synthesis of the Id and Super-Ego...

A synthesis of the Id and Super-Ego is probably the most healthy way of functioning in society and as an adult.

A synthesis affirms both the individual's desires and innatedness, as well as positions the person to his service in society. So, the Id's desires must be honed by a specific and special training. It is the becoming of a 'self" to give. The Ego is the "gate-keeper" of both the Id and Super-Ego and must be appropriately "equipped" by society, if the individual is to "give back" to society. But, society cannot and must not determine the individual's place. That is to be left to "the consent of the governed".

Society is the public domain, whereas, the private domain of "self-development" is the "gated" domain of friends and family. The cheer-leaders of "self-development" are not disregarding and disrespectful of the "quirks" of the individual, but allow that individual the freedom to "become" without obfuscating his "vision", and "goals".

No individual is developed by groupish following of "the leader", but by critical engagement and challenge to the individual's giftings and interests.

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