Sunday, February 14, 2010

Capturing the "The Last Station"

My husband and I love to see a good movie and we were NOT disappointed with "The Last Station". The story was about Leo Tolstoy and his relationship with his wife and the differences of their views. The underlying message, at least to me, was that life cannot be captured by the objective alone.

The objective viewpoint was Tolstoy's, who had captured the "ideals" of peace and good-will for humanity. But, those who were following his ideals were subverting some very basic human componants, which were captured by the wife's viewpoint. Her's was a subjective view of relational intimacy.

After viewing the film, everyone sat still and quiet for quite some time. I hadn't seen this response, if ever, after a film "was done". It had struck a cord in the heart of those who had watched and its effects were resonating long after the movie's last "cast of characters".

Go see it, but be forewarned that there are some sexually explicit scenes.

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