Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Heart Goes Out...

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones in the most recent attack on those who serve our country.

I can only imagine in my worst nightmare having a loved one come home from a dangerous location, to have them shot within our" protected boundaries". These men and women had shown bravery and self-sacrifice for our nation's defense. And these also represented their loved ones hearts and their giving to our country.

Why would someone do this?

It is supposed that there was a "conflict of interest" for the one that committed the crime. He had not wanted to be deployed and was against war. Why did he join the military, then? Although we do not seek out a war, the military are called to defned our nation, if that is necessary. Was he under the impression that he could be in the military and not be involved with war, at all? It all seems strange to me.

How did he have access to the weaponry? And was the attack "planned" or premeditated? It would seem it would have to be with the wearponry he had.

Many questions, but only one known answer if for sure. Questions about the why, when, where and how, but only one answer for our military; duty, service, and country.

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