Friday, November 6, 2009

Innatedness or Environmentalism?

Last post I was pondering the question of democracy and justice. It seems to me that there is a "conflict" of views in the issues of social justice and democracy on a more basic level, innatedness and environment.

The conservative, who believes in self responsibility and limited government also believes that man can develop innately because of his God-given nature. While those that believe in social justice also believe that human nature will develop, these also believe that proper environment is also necessary for human nature to develop appropriately.

Is the human gifted above the animal kingdom to develop irrespective of environment? Or is environment mandantory for a proper development?

Is a democratic form of government all that humans needs for proper development, or are social structures such as family, community and Church also necessary? Do individuals develop because they are rational animals, or because they are social animals? Isn't it both?

The individual and society has also bred many debates philosophically. Interesting debates as these are the substance of our public policies.

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