Thursday, November 19, 2009

Leadership as the Form and the Individual Expression is the Symbol

Much has been written about leadership. And leadership "leaders" have written about types of leaders, as well. The Spartian Stoic is the epitome of leadership in the "traditional" way of viewing a leader. These leaders can be found in religous and militilaristic mentalities, that de-value "life".

But, this type of leader is not connected to the real world of the human condition, as these only have the "ideals" in mind, which disconnect one from identifiying with the "human condition". Although "ideals" are most important in understanding what we value in a Constitutional government, we must not allow ourselves to become "nationalistic" in de-valueing the "human".

Leadership is much more about "self-government" in a free society that respects individual liberty of life' expression, as a value.

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