Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Atrocious Injustice of Jesus' Life

Jesus is known to the Christian community to be exemplary of "faith". Various affirmations of his life have defined the Christian community from the literalization of his death as an atoning sacrifice to an exempliary life lived in service to others.

I find that generally the upholding of Jesus life as an example, whether of faith or "duty" can be useful for social purposes. But, if one thinks about what justice should mean, his life was the epitome of injustice. Shouldn't men be interested in justice for the individual?

Jesus lived his life under obedience, first and foremost to "God". "God" decided for him what was to be done and how it was to be done. This is known as Jesus' "Passion". It was not Jesus' will, but God's that was of uptmost importance. Is martyrdom the necessary "duty" of the "faithful"? I think this is absurd and subverts the understanding of justice in a modern society, where justice is known to be for the individual's right to choose, and be free from such conforming and "unjust""standards".

Those who suggest that Jesus' life was one historical life among many that have changed the world, are more realistic and grounded. Theology has served the pusposes of the Church's self-interest. Nothing is wrong with self-preservation, but not at the expense of others, as this is the height of immoraility. People must be free to be informed and know what their life is to be committed to. And this is the "ideal" of justice in a free society.

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