Thursday, June 25, 2009

American Values Re-Defined

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are the "ideals" of our Founding Fathers. While these are still the values of the American people, what do they really mean?

Life is about survival. All humans need to survive and the basis of our life is to "compete" for survival. This is what our capitalistic system is based upon, "survival of the fittest". We have grown and enlarged our economy, but have limited others their "right to life", because they were "not fit". What is to be the solution?

Liberty is about opportunity. Opportunity to grow, become and choose. Liberty is not the life of all, when economic disadvantages limit choices and hinder opportunities to belong. What is the solution?

The "Pursuit of Happiness" only belongs to those who have the liberty of life. Many do not have these advantages because of personal limitations, or domination. The individual must have these opportunities, but how?

The Democrats have suggested that government is the answer to all social problems. But, dependence on government does nothing to help other "become fit". How does government help without encouraging dependence?

Republicans have affirmed personal responsibility, which has helped the individual to "become" and take their own responsibility without blaming others.

While the Republicans affirm the values of personal accountability, the Democrats affirm social responsibility. Which is of importance? Both.

Because both affirm certain values that are important for society to flourish, why have there been no more choice in our political parties? It seems that in Europe there are more distinctives, and perhaps, this would be a way to help the public to become more engaged in politics, if there were more nuances in different political parties. Instead, we see "black and white", with no shades of gray. Shades of gray are important to develop a more discriminating political view and help further the political debate, which, I think, would help our country as a whole.

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