Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why Do We Think Politics Changes?

Politics holds us to the reality that life in this world is built upon money, power, and position. Those of us who are priviledged to live in free societies are not as impacted by their leaders political positions. Or aren't we?

Politics, even in free societies, influence the future, because the decisions we make today have consequences. As Lord Acton said many years ago, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.". Do political leaders want accountability, or do they want to use legal language to dodge the responsibility they have for those who are dependent on their character, in honesty, forthrightness, transparency, loyalty, commitment, dedication, dependability, trustworthiness, etc.? Our freedoms are dependent on these qualities, because without them there will be a disregard of our interests for their own interests. This is the reason why the President on Inaugaration Day pledges to uphold the Constitution.

In our last election, we were promised change. But, we need to question what kind of change is necessary. The question facing our leadership is one of character. The Illonois governor is charged with unethical behavior and the Supreme Court has decided not to investigate charges that Obama's place of birth is in question. The Constitution is to be upheld by citizens born in the U.S. Our laws do not allow nepotism and political positioning. Just recently an Indiana county was charged with breaking these laws.

Why is it important that we support and uphold these laws? These laws protect us from a political "class", where everyone is doing "what comes naturally", which is primarily privileging themselves with favors, and paybacks. When this is the climate of our politics, then there is little representation, and a lot of "political class". And those on the "sidelines" pay the bill to support the "game"...

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