Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Organizational Structures, and Human Beings

Organziational structures are to bless man. The family is the first encounter that a child has in udnerstanding himself. Family does not have to be defined in terms as conservative Christians would maintain, but is understood as any intimate social context. The child grows and identifies with the values of his family. His identity is created by these values. But, with a broader understanding of life, through education, formal and informal, the child comes to understand himself within a context. These contexts are deteminitive roles, but in Western culture is not understood to be unchangeing. The West embraces the individual's growthe and opprotunity to develop. It is not a caste system.

In understanding a broader world and context, the child understands that his "world" is not universal , but limited by his parent's, his education so far in formal and informal education, and his culture. This is the challenge of the young adult in developing their own sense of "self" and their own personal values. No longer do tradition, or community determine the person's complete identity, but it can still be a part. The young adult is ready to engage and understand the world at large.

These growth transitions are changes in viewpoint, worldview and commitments and are furthered through the child's exposure in family, school and culture. It is a priviledged and blessed position to be in such a free and open environment, so that change can be embraced. Change is a necessary condition for growth, empowerment, and opportunity. These are values that our government upholds for all. And I think these are the values that I think are most conducive for life's flourishing and furthering the "cause of becoming a human being".

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