Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Question of Experience in Brain Experimentation

Because humans are sensate beings, the brain is obviously on the forefront of scientific investigation. Experience, then becomes of interest in investigating human response to stimulit in understanding culture, human reasoning, human rationale, and how the mind interacts with the brain. Such experiments are "necessariy evils" according to such scientists, otherwise, humanity cannot learn how to live in "peace", as we will always be conflicing in our "worldviews" which create values, and form "world colliding realities".

Education is such a "life transformation", as it gives information about the world that brings about cognitive dissonance and a 're-ordering" or one's "world". Fine tuning one's reasons for believing or committing to one's values is what defines the years of growing into maturity and wisdom. Such academic freedom is not valued in religious communities.

While control of academic liberty makes for religious control, freedom of the Press makes for political control. Such States demand that the 'people be conformed by the information that is regulated. Both types of limiting information, whether academic or political make for conforming man's 'mind' and forming society into a "collective". Individuals are not important to the collective mentality.

But, the question of values always makes for conflict when values want to be defined by outside sources. Where and what will determine values? Science seeks to promote and protect the "natural environment and resources". Such "experts" then, define for everyone else where the lines are..and some seek to re-define values based on global concerns about these resources, while others like to define values on social issues that concern society.

The Church has been useful to further the concerns of the State when they collude over global power and dominance. Such endeavors have to do with the "poor", the "outcast" (Islam?) and the disenfranchaised (the minority) and using the "ethics" of political and social power to bring about an equalization to all. But, it also undermines the political power of the nation-state and makes for an allignment to those outside the boundaries of lawful behavior. Such an allignment might make humanity open to a "new religious order". Then, the "war" will be between religion and the nation-state as to the defining of law and order, Whichever power, religious or political, the "new world order" will not bring about liberty unless it allows law to protect individual liberties in conscience concerning religion and their personal choice!.

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