Sunday, December 19, 2010

Leaders of a Wrong Order

No budget, at least that is accountable to public scrunity.

"Good ole boy" systems that cover for one another. Whistle blowers are shunned, and black-balled. One must tow the "party line".

Ethics are self-referential, they are not for the "common man". Leaders are above the law, because they make, and interpret the law.

Control of public information becomes necessary because the public can't be trusted to know what in their best interest. All the while, leaders are acting as self-interested parties.

Public office is not viewed as a public trust, but as public "control". Social control is affirmed where "self-governance" was the founding frame.

Public welfare is invested in public officials, because the public doesn't care anymore.

Public monies can be manipulated to promote personal promotion, through earmarks.

No longer can the public trust representative government when their representatives are self-invested in government's interests.

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