Monday, October 29, 2012

"Human Development"

Humans develop within communities or contexts, which can affect how the future is understood or experienced by a particular individual. Humans in American society are free to associate with a particular community for specified reasons once they become of age. Even "family" is a chosen value in our society, as family is formed by consent and not by force or determination.

Because humans are dependent on the community of "family", when they are young, it is important that family meet the child's needs. Children will develop regardless of "family dynamics", but what they will learn from their experiences in family will not "die" easily, as family is the first teacher of "what is to be expected" from the world. Trust that one's basic needs will be met is pivotal in a child's sense of security. And security is the basis of expectation or hope for the child. Children learn many "lessons" from their parents, and most of these are not "formal" lessons.

Good parenting seeks to not only attend to the physical needs of the child, but the emotional needs of the child. A good parent does super-impose their preferred interests upon the child, if the child shows an interest in other things. The "good parent" is attuned to "listen" and watch for signs of the child's innate gifts and give the child opportunities to develop and associate with those with similar interests.

Teachers are also important in human development, as teachers give the child basic foundations to function within society. And as the child grows toward adulthood, more and more specification of personal interests are developed, unless these interests have been stunted by "fundamentalist parenting".

I find that "faith" is something one outgrows, as one becomes a self responsible adult. Adults in our society are not to be dependent, but independently secure about what they value, and where they want to put forth their efforts in society. Doesn't independence and self responsibility bring about societal flourishing?

Unfortunately, those that want to control others do so with promises of security. And those that for one reason or another feel "lost" usually respond to such appeals to human emotion, but at a great cost. The costs is the fundamental right to choose life, liberty and one's own pursuit of happiness (property).

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