Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Are the Implications of a Political Class That Is Disconnected to the Military and the Citizen?

Leadership models abound, but the military will always have a hierarchal view on leadership, as without it, there is no "order"! but, as has been reported by Time and mentioned in my last blog post, there is a growing disconnect between the "political class" and the "military class", which leaves the military under a "chain of command" that is disconnected from the realities of real sacrifice for the "common cause" of protecting national issues that are vital to national concern. The military sacrifice for "the honor" of country. And such sacrifice should not be disconnected from a politician's understanding of the costs! Otherwise, politicians will use the military and those that volunteer, as a sacrifice itself for political ends of a political career!

The manipulation of the military, is on the scope of the "world scene", while the basic duties of domestic tranquility leave the "political class" less concerned or engaged for the citizen's ends of liberty. And liberty is personal, as to religious conscience and vocational service. Jobs, and the economy are basic interests of citizens, who might not be aware of political careers, but are all too well aware of how Washington is affecting their pocketbooks!

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