Sunday, August 1, 2010

Review of "Dinner With the Smucks"

I recently went to see "Dinner With the Smucks" and liked the message, but didn't care for some of the comedy. The message was a familiar one; we all have areas to grow and acknowledge, no matter our station in life.

The story line was of an ambitious young businessman, who set his goal to move up the corporate ladder. But, for him to move up the corporate ladder, he had to attend a dinner and bring a "smuck" (idiot). The biggest "idiot" would win a prize and the corporation would grant the promotion to the one that could "lay one over" on another human being.

In the end, the young and ambitious man learned a human lesson that no one is above growing and acknowledgment of human limitations, and human dignity. We are all human, after all. And the "idiot" learned that he could overcome the obstacles in his life if he only believed in himself.

It reminded me of the recent play I saw, "Fat Pig". Helen understood, knew and accepted her limitatons/liabilities. But, she also learned, when she lost at love, that those liabilities are still liabilities in the real business world, where image is everything. Success in both "Fat Pig" and "Dinner With the Smucks" was defined differently than "real world politics", where lying, denial, competition, vanity, and vain-glory win the honors.

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