Sunday, January 24, 2010


This morning it seems that the healthcare reform is not dead, in spite of a statement by Nancy Pelosi that it was. Politicians have a very different definition of reconcilliation.

Think about what has happened this past year. Would you consider it reconcilliation if you were left out of the planning, as many times the Republicans were? It doesn't make sense in a Representative Republic. Don't they have a right to voice their opinion and represent their people?

I have read elsewhere that those that are in the minority can "play it both ways", taking credit for any victories or successful legislation and blame the majority if "it doesn't work out". Politicians play both sides of the game and that is why we so often see our political color change from election to election.

It sounded all too simple that the Democrats would give up on such a major focus of their strategic plan, so I am not surprised, just continually baffled over the continual disregard for the American people and their opinion.

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