Sunday, July 6, 2008


I found a web-site on Communitarianism that was fascinating.
While our nation's freedoms have granted the individual rights to pursue their own ends, the values of patriotism, community, service, honor and duty have fallen by the wayside. Communitarians seek to promote an interdependence of the individual and community. Nations only flourish when the individuals within that nation seek to serve their country. And since most individuals will not have the opportunity to serve at a national level, community service is encouraged.

Our nation's diversity is also valued by the Communitarian. Differences are not seen as threats, but as challenges. The differences of race, or ideas are not subverted or short-changed, but are met with an openness within law. The free exchange of ideas and immigration policy itself is met by the Communitarian as an affirmation of values for diverse ways of "seeing".

Even though I am "new" in my exposure to the Communitarian approach, I hope to inform myself more thoroughly of this social/political philosophy, as it lends itself to a "center" that I find more palatable than either conservative or liberal. I think it just may be something to commit to.

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Cobalt said...

This... is very interesting, and I have to say I find it appealing for many of the same reasons you do.

Do you think that, if this movement became more prominent, that it would get denounced as a resurgence of Communism? We've come a long way as a country since the 50's, but being compared to Socialism or Communism is still a pretty damning slur.