Friday, June 20, 2008

Hedge Funds, Markets and Man

Hedge funds are means to make money without regulation (from what I understand). In our "free market economy", we are free to choose the way we make our money (our profession) and what we do with it (our investments). There is nothing wrong, in and of itself, with making money. But, so oftern, when we have lots of it, we become consumed with it. The same goes for anything that one is responsible for. I am not arguing against wealth, but the manner in which wealth is pursued...the focus of our lives.
Hedge funds are based on people's greed and need. Deregulation is important when it comes to a "free society", but freedom ends where another's need begins. The news has reported recently that there have been promises of "salvation" from foreclosure with "too good to be true" buy-outs....The same has held true for credit card companies that charge exorbant rates of interest. While the market is not at fault, in and of itself, what is at fault is preying upon another's need, when the need is a valid one, or preying upon people without being deceptive. While the law requires disclosure, there are certain ways around revealing over-charging someone for services. Integrity demands that the business and the people in the business do not take advantage of others in their need OR in their ignorance.

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